HEMLIBRA is different from factor VIII

It’s not an infusion

HEMLIBRA is a medicine that is given as a shot that goes directly under your skin (a subcutaneous injection).

You don’t need to find a vein to take your dose of HEMLIBRA.

HEMLIBRA is available in the body for weeks, not hours

The term “half-life” in medicine means how long it takes for half the amount of a drug to leave the body. A longer half-life means the medicine stays in your body longer.

The half-life of HEMLIBRA is 646 hours, or about 4 weeks.

The half-life of factor VIII treatment can be up to 22 hours.

Lower levels of HEMLIBRA in blood were predicted in children less than 6 months old.

It can be taken once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once every 4 weeks

For the first 4 weeks of treatment, you’ll use HEMLIBRA once a week. This will build up the levels of HEMLIBRA in your blood. After that, your doctor will help you choose a dosing schedule that’s right for you.

For more information on your HEMLIBRA dosing schedules, click here.

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Gabe takes HEMLIBRA every 2 weeks, after having completed the 4 once-weekly loading doses.

Please see HEMLIBRA Instructions for Use for full dosing and administration information.

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