Go ahead. Give it a shot

  • HEMLIBRA is a shot that goes directly under the skin (a subcutaneous injection), similar to the way someone with diabetes injects insulin
  • You don’t need to find a vein to take your dose of HEMLIBRA
  • It can take less than a minute to inject HEMLIBRA after it’s been prepared 

It can be taken once a week, once every 2 weeks, or once every 4 weeks.

Loading dose

For the first 4 weeks of treatment only, you must use HEMLIBRA once a week. This will build up the levels of HEMLIBRA in your blood.

Maintenance dose

After 4 weeks of your loading dose, you’ll begin taking your long-term maintenance dose. Your doctor will have helped you decide on the schedule for taking your maintenance dose that best works for you. There are 3 options:

Before you start:

  • People without factor VIII inhibitors may continue using routine factor VIII for the first week after starting HEMLIBRA
  • People with factor VIII inhibitors should stop using bypassing agents the day before starting HEMLIBRA

How to Inject HEMLIBRA

A video showing how to prepare and inject HEMLIBRA

Talking to Your Doctor

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