Frequently Asked Questions About HEMLIBRA®

How is HEMLIBRA different from factor VIII?

Is HEMLIBRA given as an infusion?

What is half-life? Is the half-life of HEMLIBRA different from factor VIII?

How often is HEMLIBRA taken?

How does HEMLIBRA work?

Does HEMLIBRA cause factor VIII inhibitors?

Can anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) occur when using HEMLIBRA?

How is HEMLIBRA taken?

How is HEMLIBRA injected?

Can I still take factor VIII or bypassing agents when starting HEMLIBRA?

What if I miss a dose?

Are there any patient financial assistance resources for HEMLIBRA?

Will my insurance cover HEMLIBRA?

Does Genentech offer any assistance for HEMLIBRA?

What should I know about HEMLIBRA safety and side effects?

What is the most important information I should know about HEMLIBRA?

Can HEMLIBRA be used with aPCC (Feiba®)?

Are there any medications that conflict with HEMLIBRA?

Does HEMLIBRA interfere with laboratory tests that measure how well blood is clotting?

What recreational activities can I participate in while on HEMLIBRA?

What if I need surgery while on HEMLIBRA?

When was HEMLIBRA approved in the US/How many people are currently on it?

How many people are currently using HEMLIBRA?

When did HEMLIBRA trials begin? When did HEMLIBRA receive approval in the US?

Is HEMLIBRA FDA-approved for use in young children?