A group of HEMLIBRA® ambassadors attend NHF Bleeding Disorders Conference 2019.

“You’ll find strength in connecting and leaning on other hemophilia community members who understand exactly what you’re going through.”  -Caregiver Ambassador Liz

Having the support of people who understand hemophilia A can make a big difference. Our ambassadors are people like you who decided to make the switch to HEMLIBRA. They’re here to help.

Ambassadors are compensated for their participation.

Attend HEMLIBRA Events

Local and national hemophilia events can be great opportunities to connect with the community. You can hear directly from our ambassadors and learn more about HEMLIBRA. Find out about upcoming events here.

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Get Clinical Educator Support

Our Hemophilia Community Clinical Educators, or CEs, have years of experience as registered nurses and can help answer questions about HEMLIBRA. Many of our CEs have a personal connection to hemophilia A.

Become a Patient Ambassador

Help educate and inspire others by applying to become a HEMLIBRA Connections Ambassador. We provide our ambassadors with training and tools so they can be better advocates in the community. Their training and efforts help spread knowledge about hemophilia A, and why they switched to HEMLIBRA. Sharing their stories helps others understand what they are going through.

If you or a loved one are currently using HEMLIBRA and are interested in the patient ambassador program, please call 1-844-287-6294. You can also email info@gneconnections.com with a short description of who you are, what hemophilia A means to you, and your experience with HEMLIBRA.