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The Entrée: Why hemophilia A community members considered HEMLIBRA
Zac is studying to be a pediatric hematologist and switched to HEMLIBRA
Gabe is passionate about empowering others to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Matt B. loves visiting Disney with his family and takes HEMLIBRA once a week
Miranda switched her twin boys to HEMLIBRA
Kristian shares the impact HEMLIBRA has had for her teenage son
Harvey likes cars and comic books and takes HEMLIBRA every Monday
Matt P. runs his own business and wanted to start HEMLIBRA as soon as he could
Ken loves fly fishing and was interested in HEMLIBRA’s subcutaneous administration

Individual results may vary. Not all patients in the clinical trial had zero bleeds. See results for clinical trial patients without inhibitors here. For clinical trial patients with factor VIII inhibitors, see results here. When starting HEMLIBRA, a "loading dose" is taken once weekly for 4 weeks. After that, HEMLIBRA offers 3 regular dosing options: once weekly, once every 2 weeks, or once every 4 weeks. Talk to a doctor about dosing.

FVIII=factor VIII.

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