HEMLIBRA is a therapeutic antibody created to help blood clot. It works differently than treatments you may have used in the past 

HEMLIBRA is a therapeutic antibody—a molecule created in a laboratory to treat disease. Doctors have successfully used therapeutic antibodies as medicines for more than 30 years in cancer, multiple sclerosis, and asthma. HEMLIBRA received FDA approval in 2017 as prophylaxis for people with hemophilia A with factor VIII inhibitors and in 2018 as prophylaxis for people without factor VIII inhibitors.

The role of factor VIII

People with hemophilia A are missing factor VIII (8). Its job is to attach to two other molecules, activated factor IX (9) and factor X (10), and bring them together so blood can clot.

HEMLIBRA works differently than treatments you may have used in the past.

HEMLIBRA acts like a bridge, bringing activated factor IX and factor X together. This enables the clotting process to continue without needing to replace factor VIII.

HEMLIBRA offers steady and consistent levels between doses, so there's no need to adjust dosing based on activities

HEMLIBRA has a half-life of 4 weeks*

Treatment will begin with a loading dose once weekly for 4 weeks to increase the levels of HEMLIBRA in your blood. When the loading dose is complete you will start your maintenance dose, which helps HEMLIBRA levels in your blood remain steady. Your healthcare provider will decide how often you should use your maintenance dose, which can be once weekly, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.

Lower levels of HEMLIBRA in blood were expected in children less than 6 months old.

FVIII=factor VIII.  
*After multiple subcutaneous injections, the amount of time estimated for the body to clear half of HEMLIBRA from the blood is 4 weeks.

Clinical Studies

HEMLIBRA was studied in people with and without factor VIII inhibitors

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