All bleeds

Any bleeding episode whether treated or untreated


Activated prothrombin complex concentrate (aPCC) is a scientific term for the bypassing therapy FEIBA®.


Bypassing agent

A type of treatment developed for people with inhibitors; bypassing treatments go around (or bypass) the factors that are blocked by the inhibitor to help the body form a normal clot.


Factor replacement therapy

A treatment that replaces the low or missing factor in people with hemophilia so that blood will clot if you have an injury.


Intravenous Injection

A method to deliver medicine into the body that involves inserting a needle directly into the vein.



The movement of a drug into, through, and out of the body.


The regular use of a medicine to prevent something from occurring. In hemophilia, prophylaxis is intended to prevent or reduce bleeding.



A method to deliver medicine into the body that involves inserting a needle into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin.


Un método para administrar medicamentos en el cuerpo que consiste en introducir una aguja en el tejido graso justo debajo de la piel.


Therapeutic antibody

Therapeutic antibodies, often referred to as monoclonal antibodies, are designed to have the same ability as natural antibodies to bind to specific molecules. They are laboratory-produced molecules that are designed to recognize and attach to specific proteins to help treat a disease.

Treated bleed

A bleed that requires treatment as determined by the individual or their healthcare provider.