HEMLIBRA was studied in pediatric hemophilia A patients with and without factor VIII inhibitors. 1,9

Trial design
A non-randomized, multicenter, open-label, clinical trial

Patient population

  • 68 pediatric males aged <12 years (or 12–17 years and <40 kg)
  • With hemophilia A with FVIII inhibitors

Maintenance doses

  • HEMLIBRA 1.5 mg/kg QW, HEMLIBRA 3 mg/kg Q2W, or HEMLIBRA 6 mg/kg Q4W

“The decision to prescribe HEMLIBRA was made together with the patient’s family. They were excited about a subcutaneous option and the potential for better efficacy and less bleeding.” 2

—Dr Michael Callaghan, MD, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Starting early

Patients with inhibitors

Patients without inhibitors

ABR=annualized bleed rate. ABR calculated with a negative binomial regression model, which accounts for different follow-up times. 11
BPAs=bypassing agents; CI=confidence interval; FVIII=factor VIII; MASAC=Medical and Scientific Advisory Council; NIS=non-interventional study; QW=once weekly; Q2W=once every 2 weeks; Q4W=once every 4 weeks.

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