What makes HEMLIBRA different from factor VIII?

What is the half-life of HEMLIBRA?

What are the dosing options for HEMLIBRA?

How may HEMLIBRA help target joints?

What impact does treatment with HEMLIBRA have on target joints in patients without inhibitors?

Where can I find information about managing pediatric patients with HEMLIBRA?

Where can I find information about the use of HEMLIBRA in pediatric patients?

Questions about breakthrough bleed management?

If a patient without FVIII inhibitors using HEMLIBRA has a breakthrough bleed, can they use FVIII to treat it?

What data are available regarding surgical experience while on HEMLIBRA?

Questions about recreational activity level while on HEMLIBRA?

What recreational activities are safe for my patients taking HEMLIBRA?

Questions about HEMLIBRA safety?

Where can I find information about HEMLIBRA’s safety profile?

Looking for tools to help calculate your patient’s dose of HEMLIBRA?

How do I calculate the dose of HEMLIBRA and choose the right vial size for my patient?

Is there a specific weight limitation for the use of HEMLIBRA?

Where can I find access and patient assistance resources?

What resources are available to help my patients access HEMLIBRA, especially those who don’t have insurance?

Where can I find information to help facilitate the HEMLIBRA prior authorization process?