HEMLIBRA® affects intrinsic pathway clotting-based laboratory tests

In patients receiving HEMLIBRA, these tests should not be used to:

  • Monitor HEMLIBRA activity
  • Determine dosing for factor replacement or anticoagulation
  • Measure FVIII inhibitor titers

Bovine-based chromogenic Bethesda assays can be used to measure FVIII inhibitors

Coagulation test results affected and unaffected by HEMLIBRA*

*Due to the long half-life of HEMLIBRA, effects on coagulation assays may persist for up to 6 months after the last dose.

Your local or other selected laboratory can tell you if these tests will be available.

  • Inform patients and caregivers that HEMLIBRA interferes with some laboratory tests and may cause a false reading. Encourage them to update emergency medical information and to advise any healthcare provider about this possibility prior to blood tests and medical procedures
Please see additional Important Safety Information below and full Prescribing Information.

HEMLIBRA Laboratory Monitoring Information

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Efficacy Endpoints

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Adverse Reactions

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