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Our Hemophilia Community Clinical Educators, or CEs, are a team of individuals with nursing degrees who are dedicated to being an educational and informational resource for both patients and the hemophilia community. Our CEs can provide Specialty Pharmacy staff with information and support about:

  • approved Genentech products including injection education following training by a healthcare provider, 
  • educational programs and events, and 
  • information about access to Genentech medicines for your eligible patients.

Clinical Educators do not provide medical advice.

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HEMLIBRA Resources for You

We are committed to providing support to you and your patients. To help you get your patients started with HEMLIBRA, we have the following Specialty Pharmacy staff resources available:

HEMLIBRA Resources for Your Patients

There are several HEMLIBRA resources available to help Specialty Pharmacy staff educate and support their patients. These materials are available for download below. Check back soon to order printed materials online.

HEMLIBRA Resources to Download for Your Patients