Clinically meaningful bleed protection with all dosing options

The majority of patients in HAVEN 3 and HAVEN 4* had zero treated bleeds

  • 56% of patients receiving HEMLIBRA QW and 60% of patients receiving HEMLIBRA Q2W in HAVEN 3 in patients without FVIII inhibitors
  • 56% of patients with or without FVIII inhibitors receiving HEMLIBRA Q4W in HAVEN 4 (n=36 without FVIII inhibitors; n=5 with FVIII inhibitors)

QW=once a week; Q2W=once every 2 weeks; Q4W=once every 4 weeks.

Note: Same weight-based dosage for all age ranges.

  • The prophylactic use of FVIII products may be continued during the first week of HEMLIBRA prophylaxis
  • Discontinue the prophylactic use of BPAs the day before starting HEMLIBRA prophylaxis

The selection of a maintenance dose should be based on healthcare provider preference with consideration of regimens that may increase patient adherence

Missed dose

If a dose of HEMLIBRA is missed administer as soon as possible and then resume usual dosing schedule. Do not administer two doses on the same day to make up for a missed dose.

Dosage forms & strengths

HEMLIBRA is available as a colorless to slightly yellow solution in single-dose vials (1 per carton).

  • 30 mg/mL
  • 60 mg/0.4 mL
  • 105 mg/0.7 mL
  • 150 mg/mL

Refer to the HEMLIBRA Instructions for Use for handling instructions when combining vials. Do not combine HEMLIBRA vials of different concentrations in a single injection.

* Based on HAVEN 4: A single-arm, multicenter, open-label trial in 41 adult and adolescent males with hemophilia A with or without FVIII inhibitors who previously received either on-demand or prophylactic treatment with FVIII or BPAs. Patients received a weekly 3 mg/kg loading dose for the first 4 weeks followed by 6 mg/kg Q4W.

Dosing Guide

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Dosing Calculator 

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