HEMLIBRA® was studied in the HAVEN 3 clinical trial, in adults and adolescents aged ≥12 years with hemophilia A without factor VIII inhibitors. To learn more about the study design, please visit the Clinical Trials Overview.

HAVEN 3 efficacy results 

Primary endpoint: Significant reduction in treated bleed rate with HEMLIBRA vs no prophylaxis in patients without FVIII inhibitors

As demonstrated in a prospective intra-patient comparison: The first and only treatment to show a significant reduction in treated bleed rate vs prior prophylaxis in patients without FVIII inhibitors 6-13

As observed over at least 24 weeks (HAVEN 3): Sustained protection meant 0 treated bleeds for most patients

Significantly more patients had 0 bleeds with HEMLIBRA vs prior FVIII prophylaxis or no prophylaxis.

ABR=annualized bleed rate; CI=confidence interval; FVIII=factor VIII; IQR=interquartile range.
*ABR was calculated with a negative binomial regression model, accounting for the different follow-up times.

Efficacy in Patients With Inhibitors

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Adverse Reactions

Adverse reactions from pooled clinical studies with HEMLIBRA

Dosing Calculator 

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