HEMLIBRA® is a therapeutic bispecific monoclonal antibody

How HEMLIBRA works

HEMLIBRA bridges FIXa and FX to restore the function of missing FVIIIa needed for effective hemostasis

HEMLIBRA does not cause or increase FVIII inhibitors and remains active in their presence.

FIXa=activated factor IX; FX=factor X; FVIIIa=activated factor VIII.


HEMLIBRA has a half-life of 4 weeks*

Steady and sustained drug levels with once-weekly dosing

  • In HAVEN 1 and HAVEN 2, mean concentrations reached approximately 50 μg/mL following the 4 once-weekly loading doses of 3 mg/kg and were sustained over time with maintenance dosing of 1.5 mg/kg per week
  • The steady and sustained plasma trough concentrations of HEMLIBRA were comparable in adults and children at equivalent weight-based doses

*Following multiple subcutaneous injections of HEMLIBRA in hemophilia A patients, the mean elimination apparent half-life was 27.8 ± 8.1 days

Clinical Trials

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Dosing Calculator

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