HEMLIBRA® uniquely addresses the FVIII deficiency of hemophilia A

HEMLIBRA is a therapeutic bispecific monoclonal antibody that restores the hemostatic process

HEMLIBRA bridges FIXa and FX, allowing the coagulation cascade to continue 3-5

HEMLIBRA does not cause or increase FVIII inhibitors and remains active in their presence.

FIXa=activated factor IX; FVIII=factor VIII; FVIIIa=activated factor VIII; FX=factor X.


Sustained therapeutic drug levels across dosing options  

HEMLIBRA has a half-life of 4 weeks

Sustained mean (±SD) trough plasma concentrations of HEMLIBRA at steady-state were 51.2±15.2 µg/mL, 46.9±14.8 µg/mL, and 38.5±14.2 µg/mL with the recommended maintenance dosing of 1.5 mg/kg QW, 3 mg/kg Q2W, and 6 mg/kg Q4W, respectively.
  • Steady-state drug concentrations were achieved after the 4 once-weekly loading doses and sustained with QW, Q2W, and Q4W maintenance doses
  • The steady-state plasma trough concentrations of HEMLIBRA were comparable in adult and pediatric patients older than 6 months at equivalent weight-based doses
    • Lower concentrations of HEMLIBRA were predicted in pediatric patients less than 6 months old 

QW=once a week; Q2W=every 2 weeks; Q4W=every 4 weeks; SD=standard deviation.

Dosing Calculator 

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